Friday, 22 February 2013

Fabric-Decorated T-shirt How-To

Fabric-Decorated T-shirt How-To by Cicely Ingleside

Here's a quick project I did last week, and some tips on how it's done in case you want to try it. And maybe make a better looking bow shape instead of an X.

Nice summer colours are starting to appear in stores, even though it's still snowstorming here in Newfoundland. I love the bright pinks and yellows that have been popular the last couple of years, and so I bought my daughter a pair of nice yellow pants and a yellow shirt for spring:

But a plain t-shirt seemed a little boring. I was trying to decide how to liven it up - thinking a ribbon or bow would be hard to wash -  when I remembered seeing this sweater on the Anthropologie website:

I had been thinking that this would be a nice DIY to fancy-up a sweater for me. But it seemed a good idea for E's shirt. A flat bow would be easy to wash! 

(Hmm... got to work on my photography skills or do some photo-editing.)

So I cut and pinned on some fabric in her favorite colour, purple. 

I wanted the frayed-edge look, so I didn't turn under the fabric, and stitched it on with a zig-zag stitch.   

Now, this was supposed to be a bow, but both my husband and E looked at it and said "It's an X". So now it's an X.  Next time, I'll cut a bow shape in the round, instead of trying to twist finagle a bow shape with straight pieces. I'm thinking this shirt is practice for when I try to do this on a sweater for myself.

The important thing is that she likes it!
Fabric-Decorated T-shirt How-To by Cicely Ingleside

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  1. Very cute and spring-y! Maybe this will help spring come sooner :-)


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