Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Boy's Stag Beetle Shirt

Stag Beetle Shirt by Cicely Ingleside

Bloggers Made by Rae and Made have a series called Celebrate the Boy where they issue a call for people to share their sewing for boys. This is a great idea, because it is so much harder to come up with cute things for boys. So I thought I would use this as motivation to make something for my son.

Stag Beetle Shirt by Cicely Ingleside
There are button tabs to hold the sleeves up.

I love pattern and it is so much easier to use pattern on girls' clothes - like on dresses and skirts. Often for boys, pattern is only easy on pajamas and shorts. And in the Canadian climate, shorts can only be used for a short time.

 I had bought this cute Stag Beetle fabric by Echino on Etsy with my son in mind. It seemed a shame to just use the fabric for lining or highlighting. So I decided to use it for the main item, and tone it down by using a plain fabric for pockets and collar. I cut up an old shirt of my husband's for the blue parts!

I used the pattern Prepster Pullover from Blank Slate Patterns by blogger Melly Sews. This had a lot more intricate details than I had been used to. I learned what a "placket" is, and did lots of button holes. (Did you know what a placket is?  I had been pretty proud of knowing what a "yoke" is before.)

Stag Beetle Shirt by Cicely Ingleside
So cute!  Ready to join the Rat Pack with that hat on.

Now I have new skills!  And some wounds from poking myself with pins. Totally worth it though. He's so cute in this.

I also practiced my Photoshop-ing by making the background black and white in this last photo. Looks kinda cool. Mostly to draw attention away from the messy room. Ooops, now I pointed that out.

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  1. Wow, what a great shirt! So creative! And the boy looks super cute in it :-)


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