Sunday, 31 March 2013

IKEA Dresser Refinishing

Refinished IKEA Dresser by Cicely Ingleside

After I managed to refinish my own dresser without ruining it, I decided to tackle my husband's dresser. He wasn't so fond of the white colour I'd stained my own dresser, so I suggested this rich brown, which matched some of our other furniture.

This dresser started off as a sort of honey colour - similar to the colour of the boxes on the top. It was bought at Ikea ages ago.

If you are interested in trying this yourself, check out my previous post How to Refinish a Dresser. I followed the same steps with this dresser, except for the grit of sandpaper I used. The dresser that I had previously refinished in white had been solid wood. This dresser is wood veneer (I think) with a VERY STRONG Ikea finish.  So when I went to sand it, the 150 grit sandpaper did not make a dent in the veneer. I kept decreasing the sandpaper grit (meaning that it got progressively stronger and stronger), until I think I tried 40 grit, which pretty much tore into the dresser and made gouges. Slight overkill. 

So, I think it might have been best to use 80 grit sandpaper to start. I then went up to 150 to finish getting off the paint, and then to 220 to sand things smooth.
Refinished IKEA Dresser by Cicely Ingleside

My husband chose the new drawer pulls at the hardware store, and the result is a much more male-friendly refinished dresser!

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