Sunday, 3 March 2013

Matryoshka Doll Dress

By Cicely Ingleside
Look closely and you can see the stuffed doll sitting at the top of the pocket!

My daughter loves Matryoshka dolls - Russian nesting dolls; she likes taking them apart one from the other. She always takes apart a decorative one I have (and loses the littlest dolls, which I find weeks later in weird spots).  I finally bought her some plastic kid play ones for Christmas. And there are so many cute fabrics out there now with the Matryoshka doll theme.

And so when I saw a picture of a dress at the beautiful kids' clothes site The Measure with a Matryoshka doll living in a house pocket, I was inspired to sew my first dress for my daughter.  Now I feel a bit bad copying this great idea, but I will add a plug for The Measure's clothes - they are great, and I bought my daughter a dress from there too, which she loves.

I already had bought this House fabric used for the pocket from IKEA, and I ordered the Matryoshka doll fabric from Etsy. For the sleeves and bottom, I used an old skirt of mine which I cut up - it was the best match I could find. I also bought a downloadable pattern on Etsy:  the Peasant Dress from Little Lizard King.

By Cicely Ingleside
Then I improvised and sewed a long piece of ric-rac where the pocket would go, and sewed the pocket around it and added trim. I sewed together one of the dolls and stuffed it, then put a button on top.  I added some fabric to the end of the ric-rac line, and made a button hole. That way, the doll can button on and off so she doesn't have to go through the wash each time.

I think this is my daughter's favorite dress. I think she especially likes having a little doll living in the pocket.  It makes me tempted to add pockets and softies to all of her clothes.

By Cicely Ingleside

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