Monday, 11 March 2013

Star Wars Ts for Kids (and Husbands)

Star Wars Ts by Cicely Ingleside

Our house is currently gripped by Star Wars mania. So I thought I would share some Star Wars themed t-shirts I made for Christmas. I used the same method I described in my post about  how to do silhouette T-shirt painting.

This R2D2 t-shirt was made for my son. I started off just painting the silhouette of R2D2 in white, and thought I would leave it at that. But my husband thought it would look better with more detail, and given that he likes Star Wars, was willing to make this happen himself by painting the blue and black detail. He painted while looking at these stencils as a model. I give him credit - it looks great and it is currently my son's favorite T-shirt.

Star Wars Ts by Cicely Ingleside
Loving his R2D2 shirt

My husband and I had a deal to limit our presents to each other for Christmas to $50, and so I also painted him some Star Wars Ts. 
Star Wars Ts by Cicely Ingleside

My husband wore one of these to a kid's birthday party when he took our son, and one of the other Dads asked him where he got it!

By Cicely Ingleside

At the time, my daughter didn't like Star Wars, and so I made her this Tinkerbell T. Now, however, she's caught the Star Wars fever so I'll have to do one for her!

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