Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Amazing Spider Suits

Spider Suits By CicelyIngleside

A couple of weeks ago, my son asked me where his old Spider-Man pajamas were. We had bought them a couple of years ago and they came with this funny headcovering - I don't know what to call it but the closest word I can use to describe it is a Spider-Man balaclava. He still had this Spider-balaclava in his drawer, and suddenly wanted the old pajamas which I had put away in a box in the basement.

So I thought I would test my newfound sewing skills and try and sew him some new ones. And of course I had to make "Spider-Girl" pajamas for my daughter too. Even though N, my son, kept telling me all about how Spider-Girl's outfit is technically different from Spider-Man's, I decided I wasn't going to make this all TOO complicated; so their outfits are the same!

Spider Suits By CicelyIngleside
Spider-Girl, setting out to fight crime.
I took N to the sewing store and he picked out some fabric. I think these pajamas would have been great in cotton flannel, but they were out of red flannel. Bizarrely, the store was out of almost all red fabric of any kind. I think this is because it was after Valentine's day and people must've bought out the red.

Spider Suits By CicelyIngleside
Action shot!  Spider-Man caught mid-jump.
I found this impressive tutorial online and followed it: The Best Ever Spider Man Costume at Shannon Makes Stuff . Instead of using a pattern, it calls for tracing some clothes that currently fit and using that to cut the fabric for the costume. I'm glad I tried this, but I think that method is a little advanced for me at this point.... I need something more precise like a pattern with less room for improvisation!

Kudos to my husband who volunteered to draw the web lines on the red fabric. I can usually rope him in to do stuff if it is super-hero related. I thought about making a stencil to facilitate drawing the lines, but it would probably have taken more work to make the stencil than just to use a fabric marker to draw them on.

Spider Suits By CicelyIngleside

Now N wants me to make him a Spideman mask and some web slingers, and possibly another balaclava-deal to go with it.  Ay yai yai.....! I'm glad he likes it though! It's nice to see the kids wearing something I made them, and that they know is made specially for them.

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