Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hello Kitty Blouse

Hello Kitty Blouse by Cicely Ingleside

 I found this super-cute fabric at the fabric store with Hello Kitty on it. I like Hello Kitty because she is: 1) a cat, and 2) is cute. I think this is appropriate for a 3 year old - which is different than so many other characters targeted towards young girls. I remember going to Toys R Us to try and find something for my daughter's 2nd birthday, and I had a really hard time finding something that didn't have a Barbie-type figure or skimpy clothes. I wanted to get her something that reflected what she looked like at 2 years old - and that was almost impossible - aside from actual baby-type dolls. At the time, I settled on Tinkerbell - but frankly, she wears pretty skimpy clothes too.  Since then, though, I have bought a lot of Hello Kitty, and I think she is very cute. My daughter likes her too.

Hello Kitty Blouse by Cicely Ingleside

I originally thought this fabric would make a cute skirt for my daughter, but she needs tops, and she doesn't actually wear skirts that much. And she thinks that tights are the same as pants, so sometimes when she wears skirts, she tries to take them off and just walk around in tights - which is fine at home, but she wanted to do that in a restaurant last week!  So making her a new top it was!

Hello Kitty Blouse by Cicely Ingleside
Front of the shirt

I purchased and downloaded the Ruffle Top pattern by Elegance and Elephants. I chose the Tunic option, and the only change I made was that instead of a back tie, I sewed the ribbon across the back and had it tie at the front. 

I have never used bias tape before (used for the black bits around the neck and arms), but I always love the finished look it gives, so I tried it out. It took me ages because I kept sewing it on wrong - but when I finally got it, it was worth it, and I think it will be much easier next time.

Hello Kitty Blouse by Cicely Ingleside
Back of the shirt

I totally love downloadable patterns by other bloggers. I have tried a few from a number of different bloggers and have had a way better experience with them than with stuff I bought at the sewing store by major companies. They always come with full instructions, and lots of pictures, and you can even easily email the blogger with questions. And you can reprint the pattern in a larger size when your child grows. Just had to add that in!

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  1. This turned out so cute, Nicole! And Hello Kitty is perfect for a 3 year old...great fabric choice! Thank you for adding this to the E&E Flickr group.


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