Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Little Red Riding Hood Skirt

Little Red Riding Hood Skirt by Cicely Ingleside

Hi there!  Here's some more sewing I did for my 3 year old daughter. I did this a few weeks ago, but she refuses to model for me, so I was waiting to post it until I got some shots. Anyway, this is a super-cute little skirt - I love the pattern and the fabric.

I found this Little Red Riding Hood fabric on Etsy - lots of different sellers carry it if you're looking for it. It's a lovely linen, with a cute little pattern on it. I didn't use much of the fabric in making this skirt, so now I have to decide what else I will make with the remainder. I think the linen would make a great summer dress for her too. 

Little Red Riding Hood Skirt by Cicely Ingleside
She posed for a millisecond! Then made me take pictures of her stuffed animals alone.

The red eyelet lace ruffles were leftovers from a purchase at the local fabric store. (I made myself a fabric bracelet with the other parts of it at one point.) Then I found these buttons which are a perfect match (even if I might have placed them a but unevenly). 

I used the Vivienne skirt pattern by Violette Fields Threads - do they ever have lovely kids patterns! It was a fast and fun sew.

Little Red Riding Hood Skirt by Cicely Ingleside
Refusing to pose!
Seriously, if you were this cute, wouldn't you be willing to pose?! Not that you can tell how cute she is, but trust me.


  1. Gorgeous! That skirt makes me want to have a little girl so she could wear adorable things like that. (almost) Even one who doesn't want to pose for pictures :-)

  2. Cute! I want one for me... love the buttons!


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