Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anthropologie Knock-Off: Blue Ikat Skirt

Blue Ikat Skirt and Lace Top by Cicely Ingleside

The theme of Project Sewn this week is "Signature Style", and so I thought I would post this outfit as part of the sew-along. Why is it my signature style?  It is a skirt, it has one of my favorite colour combos with pink, blue and white, and it has lace! 

I am also posting this as my first project for the Summer of No Pants, a skirt and dress making challenge which has started this week!

Here's how the project came about. I was ogling the Anthropologie website, a common pastime of mine, when I came across this dress:

I loved the blue and pink colours together. The dress cost somewhere around $300. The same day, I was browsing the Spoonflower website (a design-your-own-fabric site), when I came across the fabric you see above, called Sea Cream Ikat by Domesticate. I was struck by the similarity with the Anthropologie skirt, and thought "Maybe I could make that." Worth a shot!

Blue Ikat Skirt and Lace Top by Cicely Ingleside

I ordered the Spoonflower fabric in Organic Cotton Sateen. It's a little more pricey than the Kona cotton, but it is quite lovely, and has the added advantage of being wider, with a 56" wide printable area.

I used a pattern I'd used before, the  Burda Style Pattern 7124, view A. I added a white cotton lining. I'm still a relative beginner and I haven't done a lining very often, so it went a bit wonky. But fortunately it's hard to tell! 

The bow is stitched on. I used some 'blanket edging' actually - it was just the right colour.

The top, on the other hand, was major trial and error. I ordered some pink lace online, and when it came, it was not what I wanted. Then I bought this blue-green lace at my local fabric store, and thought I would make a lining underneath with pinky-purple satin. The satin lining turned out b-a-d. It's on the junk pile.

Finally, I sewed the shirt using just the blue-green lace. I used Burda 7052, without the collar. I added white bias tape to the collar and sleeves, which worked well. Since the lace was a bit stretchy and I can put this on over my head, I didn't need real button holes, so I sewed the button placket together and sewed on the buttons as decorations. 

Blue Ikat Skirt and Lace Top by Cicely Ingleside
Aren't the buttons purty?
I think these buttons are one of my favorite parts of the outfit. They are little faceted glass-look buttons - so delicate!  I think that both they and the green lace are kind of 50s reminiscent.

Here's another shot of the outfit. So, pretend I am 19 and skinny and red-headed. Now, doesn't it look like my Anthro inspiration outfit?

Blue Ikat Skirt and Lace Top by Cicely Ingleside


  1. You look beautiful. I love Anthropologie inspired sewing projects.

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  3. Great job! I love the colors together and the fabrics you chose.


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