Thursday, 9 May 2013

Inspirational Thoughts from Others about Creativity

Changing things up a bit, I thought I would do a shout out and share two recent posts from Bloggers that I think are noteworthy.

This is a picture from a beach near my house! Kind of fits with the "inspiration" theme, no?

First, this post entitled "You Need to Read This. Now." from Alida Makes. She shares a poster and some inspirational words about the importance of being creative, valuing that in yourself, and sticking with it. This spoke to me because I had never thought of myself as creative, but as I have been sewing and knitting and crafting the past couple of years, I have really begun to feel fulfillment from that, from feeling like I can be creative, and from making something that I envision come to life. 

One of her best lines is "They may even call you a Mommy Blogger when clearly your blog is about your love of DIY fashion." 

I have sometimes felt that there is a stigma attached to the word "crafty", since I have associated it in the past with kids' non-serious art. But recently I learned that some of our modern use of the word comes from the "arts and crafts movement" - an international design movement from the late 1800s to early 1900s, which valued traditional craftpersonship. The traditions of handmade goods and crafts are incredibly important, and I think that modern DIY bloggers and Pinners and home crafters are advancing and evolving these traditions, and making them relevant for the modern era. (And doing kids' "non-serious art" is when we start learning to explore and be interested in creativity, so that I shouldn't dismiss that either!)

So, a long and high falutin' way to say that I resolve to no longer be embarrassed to call myself a "crafter"!

And here is another post I enjoyed from Decor 8, a prominent design blog. She talks about the role of blogging, and I liked her discussion of sharing:
" I’ve long been a champion of sharing and not so much in support of this new idea that every blogger must only blog custom content with projects and photos produced by them. Some blogs only accept exclusive content. Other blogs won’t share what another blogger posted no matter how much they loved it because they are scared to upset someone or appear like a copycat. I’ve been teaching blogging classes online and workshops for over 4 years and most of my students are terrified to blog about something if another blogger already covered it. This can ultimately lead to the death of blogs as influencers and early adopters. Really gang. While I’m all for columns, exclusive stuff, taking your own photos, etc. I think balance and caution is needed. 
How can we influence something or adopt it if we fear writing about it because another blogger already covered it?  How can we discuss trends if no one has images to share supporting those discussions unless they take these images themselves – and because they don’t have the images they clam up? While it’s important to get permission from photographers and to link back, credit sources, etc. These discussions need to take place and should be taking place for the sake of our community. Many voices combined can start a wave of change; launch a new idea, etc. To be innovators, we have to share our ideas with our tribe and our tribe, in turn, must share with their tribe, and so on.  This is how popular trends are kick–started."

Sometimes, I've been reluctant to post things I made because I got the idea from someone else on Pinterest or a blog post, and now this makes me think differently about it.

 It also inspired me to write this post today! Hope some of you may find inspiration from this too.

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