Saturday, 4 May 2013

Space Pants and Planets T

Space Pants and Planets T by Cicely Ingleside

I recently finished a job after a 9 month contract, and had a couple of weeks off before starting my new job. So I had the luxury of two weeks at home when I could do whatever I wanted. It was great. Mostly, I chose to sew while watching Netflix. Maybe that's not what everyone else would choose, but it made me happy.

So I have a few kids' clothes projects to post!

Except I realize I am a terrible photographer. When I finally get the kids to pose and get a good shot, the lighting is horrible. So please be patient! Imagine the clothes being cute even if you have to squint.

Space Pants and Planets T by Cicely Ingleside

Here's my first project. I had bought some really cute "space" fabric:

Cute, eh?

The fabric is called "Hello, My Friend Space Town" by Kokka, and I bought it from Miss Matatatabi. This was part of my quest to try and use pattern for boys' clothes - which is kind of hard, outside of shorts and pajamas.

I bought some navy linen, and made some summer pants. I used the pattern for Pier 49 Convertible Pants by the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, with the space fabric as the pockets. I also added a stripe of the space fabric going up and down the leg. The pants actually roll up, and I covered the inner seam up to the knee with a stripe of fabric too.  I have no pictures of this, because my son doesn't like to roll up sleeves or pants. I forgot this when I decided on the pattern. Maybe he'll change his mind when it gets hot out.

Space Pants and Planets T by Cicely Ingleside

I bought a blue t-shirt and ironed on a rocket. When I showed it to my son, he said he liked it, but "It's not finished, Mom. It needs planets."

So he drew some planets onto white cotton fabric and I used double-sided fusible web to iron them on. (I did not know this stuff existed until recently. It is great! It's a light webby sort-of-fabric that is sticky on both sides, which you place in-between the fabrics, and when ironed, will stick.)

Space Pants and Planets T by Cicely Ingleside

That is Mars on the left and Earth on the right, and I think the big one is Venus. He also drew a humongous Jupiter but we couldn't fit it on the t-shirt.

Space Pants and Planets T by Cicely Ingleside

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