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Poufy! Ethereal! Light! Tulle Skirt Round-Up for SONP

Hi everyone!  This is my first Round-Up for the sewing series “The Summer of No Pants”, hosted by Marigold of Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! Today, I’ve got some links to inspire you and help you to integrate lovely summer light-weight fabrics like tulle into your sewing.

Full-Tulle Skirts - Tutorials and Patterns

A full tulle skirt can be nice and dressy for going to weddings, or birthdays, or any of those many occasions we’ll have over the summer. But you can wear it every day, too. To dress it down, try wearing it with a casual t-shirt or sweater and flats.
These links will give you full instructions on how to make a tulle skirt, so you can choose your favorite method. 
Clockwise from top left:

  1.  DIY Tulle Skirt Tutorial by Cotton and Curls 
  2. DIY Tutu Skirt: Must Make Party Skirt by By Hand London. This skirt has a top layer of patterned sheer material – another option to consider.
  3. Tulle Skirt Tutorial by Sew Much Ado
  4. Tulle Skirt Tutorial by Melly Sews (She also has a tutorial for making that velvet blazer!) This woman really knows her sewing.
  5. Estelle Skirt Pattern by Violette Field Threads (downloadable PDF for purchase). There is also a pattern for the same skirt in Girls’ sizes, called the Ellie. 

Top Layer in Tulle

For a more subtle, less full effect, you can add tulle as the top layer of a skirt. Clockwise from top left:

  1. The Sheer Thing Skirt Tutorial by Leafy Treetop Spot
  2. Amalia Tulle Skirt by Anthropologie. This skirt has a layer of tulle on the top. The shape would be relatively simple to sew, and a similar mottled pattern could be achieved with some fabric dye and creative tie-dying to your under-fabric. Or you could just buy a patterned fabric! Hmmm, yes, that’s a little simpler. I’m getting carried away here.
  3. Ballerina Dress by Kojo Designs

Coloured Tulle

Don’t be scared to try colour!

Top two photos:  Add coloured tulle as a surprise underneath a plain or patterned skirt. (Photos from Pinterest. Sources unknown.)

Bottom left:   Shoreline Dress Ombre Bodice Tutorial by iCandy Handmade. Shows you how to achieve this ombre look on a dress bodice – all using the same colour tulle. Just do this on top of your own bodice pattern.

Bottom right:   This skirt I made (unfortunately before I saw all these great tutorials) uses a few different complementary colours of tulle in its layers.

Bits of Tulle

There are other ways to use tulle, other than making a full skirt. I’ve been seeing a lot of sweaters and knits with lace popping up in unexpected places, and tulle can work in that way too, such as in this photo. (Pinterest, source unknown.)

One small line of tulle at the bottom of a skirt can give it volume and kick. I can’t find any online inspiration for this, but I’ll show you the inside of one of my own favorite skirts. On the left is the official photo of the Galloping Filly Skirt from Anthropologie (circa 2010), and on the right is my terrible iPhone shot of the layer underneath. Bad photography aside, this shows a cotton lining, with some gathered tulle sewn at the bottom. I think this extra detail is why I bought the skirt in the first place. I still wear this all the time.

Glamming It Up

Now, if you are going to a wedding or something and really want to go all-out, you can glam it up. 
  1. You could add some embroidery patches, for this kind of effect. (Left photo: Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2013) To do this the inexpensive and quick way, buy embroidery patches cheap from Etsy, or find an old tablecloth or garment, and cut out the embroidered bits you like. Then use double-sided fusible web from your local fabric store to iron it on.
  2. Or add some sparkle detail – sew them on, or possibly use a glue gun. (Right photo from Pinterest - source unknown.)

Finally, you can check out my Tulle and Taffeta Pinterest board for more links.

Now, seriously, you have enough links to keep you busy, so I'd better stop here.  Happy dreaming, and sewing!  

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