Wednesday, 5 June 2013

SONP Week 2: Art Deco Summer Dress

Art Deco Summer Dress by Cicely Ingleside

It is Week 2 of the Summer of No Pants - a skirt and dress making challenge. My project this week came about from me, once again, drooling over the fabric designs on Spoonflower

I was admiring all of the art deco inspired fabrics that people had designed, and I decided to make myself something with one of them. I picked this design with the peacocks on it, and ordered it in organic cotton sateen. I just tried to find its page on Spoonflower, but the system says this fabric is no longer available. Strange. 

Art Deco Summer Dress by Cicely Ingleside

I had also been admiring this pattern for the Burda Bow front dress, which I downloaded online. I thought that the loose fit was kind of 20s-reminiscent and so it was suitable for an art deco theme.

The pattern was nice and simple, and the fact that it had once-piece front and one-piece back made it easy for me to center the design on both sides. But hoo-boy!  I understood almost nothing of the pattern instructions!  I was guessing what they were trying to say, and ended up pretty much just making up how the dress went together. Maybe someone more experienced than me might find it easy to understand, but if you are a beginner, beware! 

One more reason that patterns by independent bloggers, Etsy sellers, and smaller companies are a better way to go than the big commercial companies!

The dress is comfortable, though, and after this photoshoot, I decided to keep it on and wear it for the day.  Here's a pic of me, de-glammed (pony tail, cardigan, sneakers) ready to take my daughter out for errand-running. (Don't pay attention to the messy bedroom.) I think I might like the dress better all casual this way!

Art Deco Summer Dress by Cicely Ingleside

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  1. Wow I love that peacock fabric! I didn't even know Spoonflower carried sateens! You look absolutely adorable.


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