Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SONP Week 3: Nani Iro Simple Skirt - Semi-Tutorial

Nani Iro Simple Skirt Semi-Tutorial by Cicely Ingleside

Wow!  So I think this was the quickest sewing project yet. AND I didn't use a pattern. Woot!

It is week 3 of the Summer of No Pants, and I made myself a skirt. A while back, I had made my daughter a  dress with double gauze cotton and thought it was incredibly nice material. It really does feel just like two layers of gauze. It's super light and soft - perfect for summer. So, I thought I would make myself something with it too.

I had bought 1.5 yards of this material; it is called Fuccra: Rakuen by Nani Iro - a line by the Japanese designer Naomi Ito. I don't really know what that name means, except that I now know that there are a number of really fabulous Japanese fabric lines. This was purchased from Miss Matatabi on Etsy.

Nani Iro Simple Skirt Semi-Tutorial by Cicely Ingleside

I thought about making a bubble skirt with pick ups, but decided I didn't want to obscure the fabric pattern. By now, I had read a number of DIY-Easy-Skirt Tutorials, and I thought I would take the risk of improvising.

I have a number of these tutorials bookmarked on my Pinterest board for Women's sewing tutorials and for Girls' sewing tutorials - in case anyone else wants some references. 

Here's what I did:

For the waist, I had this ribbed material in my stash - I think it might be for t-shirt necks. I measured my waist, and made it loose, cause I like my skirts loose, and find it is more flattering if they sit lower on my waist. The piece was twice as tall as what you see. I put right sides together, and sewed one seam so that it became a circle.

Then I cut the skirt material into a rectangle. The width was a little over twice my waist size. The length was as long as I wanted.  Had to do one seam on each side to put two pieces together and construct the rectangle. Super simple. 

I decided to do a gathered waist - I had some practice recently from doing dresses for my daughter. If you've never done this, then you just put your sewing maching on the longest stitch length, and without backstitching, stitch a line along the top of your skirt - say, 1cm (3/8 inch) in. Then grab the thread which is hanging off the end, and pull it so that your material gathers to the size of your belt. There is a very good tutorial by An of Straight Grain here.

I folded my belt in half lengthwise, so that it's 'height' is what you see in the pics. I placed my skirt right sides together with the belt, lining up the raw edge of the belt with the top raw edge of the skirt. (Both raw edges were facing up, with the skirt sort of inside of the belt.)

Then I pinned and sewed. Opened it up and I was done!  I didn't even have to hem the bottom, because I placed the selvedge there.

Nani Iro Simple Skirt Semi-Tutorial by Cicely Ingleside

You may notice some very boring taupe walls behind me in these pictures. Taupe walls, your days are numbered!  I just took delivery of some Mr. Perswall wallpaper - am very exicted!!! It may take until the end of summer (I'll be too busy wearing no pants), but will post some pictures when done.

Happy skirt wearing.

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