Thursday, 18 July 2013

KCW & E and the Purple Cast

Well, it is Kids Clothes Week in the Blogosphere. This is a quarterly event to challenge participants to sew for kids an hour a day for a week. Now, I've been feeling a bit over-committed with all of life's events, so I didn't plan to take anything on, but I have been sewing this week, and I figured why not post it?

Here's what I just made.

Black and White summer outfits by Cicely Ingleside

I did the t-shirt printing (on bought t-shirts) with the help of my new- fangled Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. A couple of months ago when I got a new job, my treat to myself was this machine, because I wanted to use it to make stencils. It took until this weekend for me to start using it. But it wasn't that hard, once I figured it out. 

For my daughter's T, I just downloaded a bow shape into the program and made a stencil out of mylar (which, incidentally, is a simple art supply I COULD NOT BUY in my city and had to procure on a recent trip. Living in a small place, sigh....)  The skirt is using the circle skirt tutorial by Dana from Made. Really simple and fast, and I love the shape of the skirt.

Unfortunately, I can't get a picture of E in the skirt, because my poor little one is in a "hip spica" cast right now and the skirt doesn't fit. It goes all the way up one leg, across her middle, and half-way down the other. The cast has been on for 7 and a half weeks, and is due to come off in just a few days. Thank goodness. Counting down the sleeps now!

Black and White summer outfits by Cicely Ingleside

The wonderful team at our hospital dyed the cast her favourite colour - purple.  In case you're wondering, that stuff around the edges is purple duct tape, which we were told to put on to protect the fluffy inside bits from getting wet. 

For my son's outfit, the shorts are again made with the Kid Shorts pattern by Made, and Constellations fabric by Lizzy House from The Workroom in Toronto, with some black fabric colour-blocking at the bottom and on the pockets, and white piping.

Black and White summer outfits by Cicely Ingleside

For the shirt, I downloaded a star shape, and cut and pasted it in the Silhouette program to make the Gemini constellation, which is N's sign.Then I had the Silhouette machine cut a stencil for this. The stars turned out really crisp, but I hand-painted on the lines and that was a bit messier. I decided to put some more stars on the back, and N requested a moon. So, voila, a moon too. Then E asked for a star t-shirt too - didn't want the bows anymore. I will have to make her one, but for now, I've run out of blank Ts.

Black and White summer outfits by Cicely Ingleside

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