Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My First Quilt! And a Teacher's Gift

I made my first quilt!  

Maman Fabrics quilt by Cicely Ingleside

Some friends in Calgary were pregnant with a girl, and I thought, hmm.... this would be a great excuse opportunity to buy some of the "Maman" line of fabric from Cloud 9 Fabrics. The illustrations were apparently made by the Belgian-French grandmother of one of Cloud 9 Fabrics' owners, around the time of the Second World War. I had seen some other projects with these fabrics and loved them - unfortunately some of the illustrations were a bit too young for my daughter. 

When I did a web search, I was very happy to discover a Canadian store that sells the line, and numerous other hard-to-find-in-person designer fabrics: the store is called Fabrications and is based in Ottawa, a city a  lived in for 10 years. Anyone else in Canada knows how great it is to find a domestic source for online purchasing, in order to avoid duty and other charges. I ordered these and a few other nice fabrics - they've all been great. 

This Maman line (meaning "Mom" in French) is organic, like all the Cloud 9 Fabrics, and they are a lovely sateen.

Maman Fabrics quilt by Cicely Ingleside

I used a simple layout of 10 inch squares with 2 inches of white in between. Each fabric is supposed to create a line of squares on the diagonal. I nervously read lots of online quilting tutorials - if you're interested, a number of the links are on my Quilts Pinterest Board

Since the square motif is fairly simple, the piecing-the-top part wasn't that bad!  But the quilting-to-the-bottom and binding part took about just as long. I took a bit of a cheating approach and bought a pre-quilted  batting-and-bottom-layer, and sewed the top to that, also sewing along the quilt lines "in the ditch" (some quilting techno-speak I have learned), using one of the Maman fabrics as binding.

Maman Fabrics quilt by Cicely Ingleside
Note my little Vanna White assistant on the side!
Apparently, the quilt reached its destination in Calgary the day before my friend gave birth. I am really touched because I was told that the quilt made her cry. That is the highest compliment I could ask for!  (Even if anything will make you cry the day before you give birth.)

I will add one more project that supposedly made someone cry!  Two nights before the last day of school, I was panicking because I didn't have a present for my son's teacher. I decided to use the pattern for the Crushed Ruffle Tote by See Kate Sew and make a bag. I used  some Liberty Lifestyle fabric I bought at the store The Workroom when I visited my sister in Toronto. (Hey, it looks like they sell fabric online too!) And the white is the only heavy-ish fabric I had on hand : it is from the bottom I cut off some IKEA curtains (shhhhh....). I put some pretty odds-and-ends in the bag: a pink and white scarf that my son picked out, a pretty notebook, some chocolates.

Teacher's gift tote by Cicely Ingleside

My son reported that his teacher was crying when she opened her presents, and started crying when he gave her his. I suspect it had more to do with the sentimental card and all of the other presents too, but still, I was touched. It makes it all worthwhile to make something by hand.


  1. Both of those are really beautiful, heartfelt gifts. I'm not surprised that the recipients really appreciate them. Meanwhile, N was probably wondering what the heck was wrong with his teacher!


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