Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Long Overdue: A Flurry of Shorts for Summer

Girl Shorts for sumer 2013 | made by Cicely Ingleside

I and the family just got back from a nice trip to visit family in Calgary and Winnipeg, with a few days in New York City for the husband and I. And I'm feeling a bit rejuvenated. Though I think the kids have permanently tuned out the sound of our voices, and no longer want to listen to us telling them anything. Right now they are pretending I haven't told them to go to bed. Soon it will be their teacher's and daycare workers' problem... mwah hah hah!

Though this is really overdue since summer is almost at an end, I thought I would post some of the shorts and summer clothes I made my daughter before the trip. She didn't need them before August because she had a cast on and could only wear skirts and dresses. (See blog post from July!) But wonderfully the cast has been off for a month and she got some use out of these shorts on our vacation!

First up is my favourite - this faux playsuit. I love one-piece rompers and remember wearing them as a kid. But truthfully, they are kind of impractical when it comes to going to the bathroom. So I decided to make a two-piecer that gives the illusion of a one-piecer. I used the free Pleated Playsuit pattern by Elegance and Elephants. I have to say, her patterns really are elegant - always well-made with lots of detail.

Two-Piece Playsuit | made by Cicely Ingleside

I adapted the pattern using her tutorial for making the playsuit into separates,  with some changes. For the shirt, I added some extra inches on the bottom (maybe 3"?  I can't quite remember), and encased an elastic at the very bottom, so that the top would balloon out and hang over the elastic. I accidentally forgot to add the extra width to the shirt as per the E&E tutorial, but I think that worked out best for this kind of top anyway.  For the shorts, I used the Playsuit shorts pattern and changed the waistline only as per the Tutorial.

And I think my daughter looks super-cute in them! I love it.  The fabric is an old Michael Miller (I think?) fabric I bought a few years ago, before I actually sewed much. I like the retro-ness of the fabric, which goes with the retro-ness style of a playsuit.

Next, these purple polka-dot shorts are made with the Elegance and Elephants Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern.  E picked out the fabric because her favourite colour is purple. Everything must be purple. It is the law of E-land. For the shirt, I took a purchased white t-shirt, and used a round sponge to dab on some paint that was supposed to be purplish but really was a bit blue. Still works I think.

Bubble Pocket Shorts | made by Cicely Ingleside

Finally, here is a pair of shorts I made with the Shwin & Shwin Honey Pie Bloomers pattern. Even though I made the shorts version, they still look like bloomers on my daughter because of her toothpick legs. Freakin' cute. The fabric is a generic floral from the local fabric store. I think it's kind of Liberty-of-London-like.
Honey Pie Bloomers | made by Cicely Ingleside

Oh yes, and in my flurry of fabric painting, I took an old pair of my son's sweatpants and cut them into shorts. I was inspired by this tutorial by Sew a Straight Line, who made shorts with a cool painted American flag on them. Since I'm in Canada, I thought I'd try a version with my provincial flag - the flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The flag of Newfoundland and Labrador

It was moderately successful. Next year, maybe I'd try again and make the shorts longer, and put the flag from the top to the bottom of the leg, rather than front to back.

Newfoundland and Labrador Flag Shorts | made by Cicely Ingleside

Why didn't I think of re-using his winter sweat-pants before?  It was my husband who suggested it, since his mom did that when he was little. If you don't sew, I think this would work even without hemming the bottoms. Just cut them off!

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