Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Back-to-School Clothes: Girl Edition

Well, it is fall and time for sleeves and long pants (sniff!). As promised last time, here are the girl clothes I have made recently but been slow to post I made specially for the back-to-school period, all purposeful and organized-like.

Little Red Riding Hood Tunic made by Cicely Ingleside

This is a top made using the Shwin Designs Maggie Mae Tunic/Dress pattern. I really like this pattern - almost more so after seeing my daughter wear it again. The cute rounded shape of the bodice is very unique.

The fabric is a Little Red Riding Hood themed linen I bought on Etsy - previously used for her ruffled skirt. The floral fabric is from my local fabric store at least a year ago! This photo below is of the shirt back. I am still amazed that I found buttons that match perfectly - light brown with red flowers. Unfortunately you can't quite make them out in the photo.

Little Red Riding Hood Tunic made by Cicely Ingleside

Actually, my lack of good pictures is probably my primary reason for not posting these clothes earlier. I had one photo shoot where I got some great poses! .... but had my finger in front of the lens!  I tried again with mixed results:

Little Red Riding Hood Tunic and Red Button jeans made by Cicely Ingleside

Above is my best shot - yes she's on the floor. What is hard to see is that she is wearing a pair of Lovely Rita skinny jeans - which I also made using a Shwin Designs pattern.

Here's a close up. Boy, that's some quality photography.

Red Button jeans made by Cicely Ingleside

The pants are great, though. Very cute. I will definitely use this pattern again. Without the button tab on the bottom, they are a basic skinny jean. 

Pink Squirrel dress made by Cicely Ingleside

I made this above dress recently when my daughter E had her cast on, and needed more dresses, as she couldn't wear pants. I showed her my fabric stash and asked her what fabric she wanted.  She picked this fabric called Squirrel (Sunset) by designer Tula Pink, which I had ordered online from the Ottawa store Fabrications. It is an incredibly cute fabric, and might be best as an accent fabric, or combined with a neutral, but I think you can get away with 'busy' when you are three and a half years old!

The pattern I used is the Zig Zag Dress pattern by See Kate Sew. The thing that I really liked about the pattern is that there is extra volume in the front of the dress - it's a loose style. Hard to tell because I couldn't get any standing photos. And buttons in the front instead of the back make it very different.

I learned to use piping with this pattern! V. exciting.

Pink Squirrel dress made by Cicely Ingleside

Here is a photo of E in the dress, with me holding her for balance due to the cast. Thank goodness it is off now! (The cast, that is, not the dress.)

So there, now we're all ready for back-to-school-daycare.

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