Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Let's Pretend These are Back-to-School Clothes Instead of Me Being Slow to Post

It's the first day of school here in Canada, and my son N just started grade 1 today. My daughter E will be in Kindergarten next year. Where did the summer go?

I thought I would catching up on posting some clothes I made a month or two ago, and pretend they are fall back-to-school clothes and that I am that organized. They are the most recent things I made, but it just takes me forever to do pictures and post them!

First up are some jeans I made my son:
Fluorescent stripe jeans by Cicely Ingleside

I thought I'd try and find a boy way to get in on the fluorescent craze, and added fluorescent yellow strips up the sides. 

Fluorescent stripe jeans by Cicely Ingleside

The pattern I used for the pants is the Shwin Designs Number 9 Trousers pattern. I made the shirt using this tutorial by Cirque du Bebe with a purchased T.  I purchased the cool image download from Madame Bricolage on Etsy, printed it on Lesley Riley Artist Transfer Paper, and ironed it on. It worked well, but I will warn anyone who does not have an inkjet printer!  I knew when I bought the transfer paper that it only worked with inkjet printers, and I have a laser printer. I figured that I could go to Staples. But no, Staples does not have inkjet printers for use!  Who knew?  The woman there warned me that it would melt in a laser printer so not to try it. (Now I kind of want to, just to see if that's true.) And the public libraries did not have inkjet printers. I ended having to ask a friend to print them for me. Thanks, Kumi and Mark!

Now here is a top I made my son with a kind of 'bowling shirt' aesthetic:

Bears and Bowling Top by Cicely Ingleside

It is the Shwin Designs Maxwell Top Pattern, using the fabric Kokka Trefle Mustaherukka Blackcurrant purchased from Miss Matatabi. I love the cute bears on it, and it's a nice cotton/linen blend.

I'm finding that I learn something different from every pattern-maker I try. With the Shwin Designs patterns, I have come to appreciate what a difference top-stitching makes. And I learned how to install snaps with this top pattern too. I really do think I am learning way more by using blogger-made patterns like these because bloggers are so thorough in their explanations, and everyone does things a little differently - unlike big commercial patterns.

Bears and Bowling Top by Cicely Ingleside
Not sure what he is doing in this pic. Dancing?

Bears and Bowling Top by Cicely Ingleside

That's it for now!  Next post I will catch up on the girl clothes I made recently. Happy September!

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