Monday, 30 December 2013

Fancy Holiday Winter Wear

Hi there!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, Hanukkah or other holiday... though there's still New Year's to come, so I think reality will not set in until next week when it is back to school and back to work full-time.

In the meantime, I thought it wouldn't be too late to share my efforts at sewing some glamorous holiday outfits for the kids!

First off, here's my little cutie in some holiday gold and tulle.

Gold and Tulle Christmas outfit by Cicely Ingleside

My inspiration for this was this outfit from "Tutu du Monde" which I found on Pinterest.
Source linked here. 
To make the skirt, I started with an underlayer of a crepe material. I cut it about twice as wide as my daughter's waist, and sewing a long basting stitch at the top, and gathered it to the waist length. Then I did the same thing for two layers of grey tulle, two layers of lavendar, two layers of pink and two layers of white tulle. The grey was cut to the longest length, and each subsequent layer I made two inches shorter than the last one. I sewed the whole thing to a gold sparkly elastic for the waist. Note that all the layers make for some bulk, so if you try this, don't make the elastic too tight. 

Gold and Tulle Christmas outfit by Cicely Ingleside

The gold jacket was made using this pattern for a Ruffle Bolero Jacket by Heidi and Finn, which I found on Etsy. I skipped the ruffle and the lining, and finished the edges with gold bias tape.

I thought I would try and make the shirt something she could wear again, so I used white t-shirt cotton and washable stretchy gold material. I used gold t-shirt paint to make the gold dots on the t-shirt using a little sponge. Really, anything round could be used for this. The pattern was the cute Sweet Bonnie Top by Shwin Designs.  I decided to skip the zipper in the back of the shirt that the pattern includes because I already had so much going on, but this was a mistake because when it came time to put on the shirt on Christmas day, it wouldn't fit over E's head!  So I had to cut the back and later add a button.

I also made my daughter this dress for an event earlier in the month.

Amaryllis Christmas Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

I loved this pattern for the Amaryllis Dress by blogger Melly Sews and her pattern line called Blank Slate Patterns! Most dress patterns are somewhat similar in that they add a skirt to a bodice, but this was really different. The front bodice snaps around the back of the waist, while the back bodice and skirt wrap around to layer on top of the front skirt. Okay, so I am not describing it well, but I certainly could never have engineered this myself. It is reversable and has a layer of tulle in between the skirts.

Amaryllis Christmas Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

My iPhone pictures are really grainy, but you can tell by this pose that she felt special in the dress:

Amaryllis Christmas Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

Berkshire Blazer sewn by Cicely Ingleside

Unfortunately, this picture is even more grainy!  I sewed the pattern in sweatshirt material, after getting this idea from other blogs who had done this. I thought that would make it both sort of dressy but also wearable every day. The arm patches are blue corduroy.

I also made him a classic dressy shirt, using the Sis Boom Ethan pattern by the Scientific Seamstress. Wow, that is a comprehensive pattern - a separate pattern set for each size, with three choices for arm length and body length. Okay, so I made the arm and body a bit too long, as I am wont to do, but he will grow into it! (I went one length longer than the pattern's standard. I always over-estimate!)

Christmas Dress  Shirt sewn by Cicely Ingleside

The material was from a new sewing store here in St. John's, Newfoundland that sells organic and specialty fabrics called Fiberlily.  This is really very exciting, for a city that only has one major fabric retailer and a couple of quilting stores. I can't recall what these two grey and blue fabrics were made of: I think they were a recycled synthetic material but they are lovely and feel and look almost like non-wrinkly linen. After I washed the shirt, my husband accidentally hung it up in his own closet. He said he wanted it.

Actually, this made me realise I need to get some more boy-friendly fabrics in my stash, because when I went to pick one to sew with, I only found solids like this that were suitable - whereas N would probably prefer a pattern, being six years old. (Okay, he would probably pick florescent Angry Birds or something, but I won't go that far.)

I will leave you with some action shots. Here is N, about to bring down his Harry Potter wand and turn you into a frog:
Christmas Dress Shirt sewn by Cicely Ingleside

And here is E, jumping on the bed, which is her favorite "pose" for when I make her do photoshoots and she actually agrees to sort-of-cooperate:

Gold and Tulle Christmas outfit by Cicely Ingleside

Happy New Year's!!!!

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