Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fashion Revolution - A Movement for a More Ethical Clothing Industry! #InsideOut #HandmadeInsideOut

#insideout #handmadeinsideout @fash_rev  See for more details! We want a more ethical fashion industry.

Today, I am taking part in Fashion Revolution Day. This is a day being held one year after the collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory Complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1133 people and injured 2500 people. Over 1000 people killed - isn't that insane? And it happened purely because of human negligence, and was preventable.

Many people in countries like Bangladesh depend on jobs in the garment industry to make their living and feed their families, but too many people in the garment industry around the world are forced to do this in conditions that are dangerous and also morally unacceptable.  

I don't want to wear clothes which have caused lost lives, or have been made by people working in inhumane conditions - for terrible pay, or not being allowed the basic worker's rights which I expect myself.

Too often, clothing companies hide behind the excuse that this is the only way to keep costs down, but that is simply not true, and not acceptable. Sometimes clothing companies do not know the conditions under which their clothes are made - or choose not to know. 

I want to tell the companies whose clothes I buy that I want an ethical fashion industry.

So, check out information about the campaign and about what you can do to promote ethical fashion at !

And take part in Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th, by posting a picture of you wearing your clothes inside out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media, and tag it #InsideOut.

A group of sewing bloggers - Laura from Behind the Hedgerow, Celina from Petit à Petit and Family, and Abby at Things for Boys - have been galvanizing the online sewing community to take part by posting pictures of us wearing handmade clothes inside out, using the hashtag #handmadeinsideout. The picture in this post are of my kids wearing clothes I made them inside out.

When we sew our own clothes, we know who made them and under what conditions, but that is not always true about our fabrics ... and most of us need to buy clothes too!

#insideout #handmadeinsideout @fash_rev  See for more details! We want a more ethical fashion industry.

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