Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kids and Wacky Clothes Pairings

The blogs Made by Rae and Oliver + S decided to call June "Made for Kids" month, with the idea to use the month to encourage kids to wear and celebrate their handmade clothes. The best part is that one of the guidelines is to let kids express their own style by matching and mismatching as they please. I say that this is the best part because it is reality - that is totally how my kids wear their clothes. So, I thought I would share some recent kid-sewing by showing you how the kids actually styled it.

I will start with the pièce de résistance... the Frozen Elsa dress! 

Frozen Elsa Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

If you know any young girls, you will know the Disney movie Frozen. My daughter loves the movie in a way she has never loved any show or movie or theme before. She can be very soft spoken, but will just BELT out the song "Let it Go", with all of her energy. It is so sweet - I can just see her imagination at work.  So, I knew I had to make her an Elsa Snow Queen dress.

Frozen Elsa Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

She has styled the dress here with her bear slippers. Why?  I don't know, other than that she likes both, and she put the slippers on when I asked to take pictures of her in the dress.

The pattern I used is the Elsa Dress Sewing Pattern by CJets, along with the train pattern add-on. It makes a nice dress, but it should be noted that instructions are minimal, and some details are left up to the sewer (like finishing the neckline and installing a zipper or buttonholes). It also fits large, so I would recommend going down a size or two.

I have to share this next picture, because I think it is the sweetest thing. My husband printed out a picture of her in the dress on our black and white printer, and my daughter coloured on it. She says she drew the ice coming out of her hands.Also love the crown drawn on her head.
Frozen Elsa Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

Here's another kid-styled thing. My son loves space, so I ordered this custom-printed fabric from Spoonflower, printed with a real photo of a nebula. It is called Blue Nebula #1, by Corseceng, and is printed on organic cotton knit, which is a lovely, thick knit fabric (a jersery or an interlock?).  The pattern I used is the Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae, with the 'bound neck' option, repeated on the sleeves.

Blue Nebula Tee sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

He decided to style it with these Newfoundland Plaid pants I made him (blogged here). Crazy, but he insisted. (I think it was because he prefers pull-on pants to jeans, and all his sweats were in the wash.) I think it might actually work, though.

Blue Nebula Tee sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

One more recent project with some kid-styling accents. I made my daughter a summer dress with knit fabric, using the Red Dress sewing pattern by Amelie Clothing. I bought a few patterns from Amelie Clothing and they are very cute and full of detailed instructions and pictures, and so are probably are among the best patterns for anyone who is a beginner to tackle. 

Red Polka Dot Knit Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

The fabric is from Girl Charlee, bought a while back. Girl Charlee has a great variety of knit fabrics and I have bought a number of great ones from there, but I don't think I will choose this particular fabric again, since it is a bit too thin and flimsy. 

I still like the dress, though, and it is great for summer. After taking the pictures, I suggested to my daughter she put on tights, since it was a bit cool that day.  She put on these lovely blue striped numbers:

Red Polka Dot Knit Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside #madeforkidsmonth

At first I thought the tights were a crazy match, but this ensemble has grown on me... I think they work pretty well actually. As for the necklace in her ears, I'm not sure of the logic. Maybe she was playing veterinarian and pretending it was a stethoscope? Or maybe she just stuck it on her ears.

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