Friday, 25 July 2014

KCW 2: Girl Clothes for Summer

Blue toile and pink flourescent jumpsuit sewn by Cicely Ingleside

Hello!  I am continuing with my self-imposed challenge to use Kids' Clothes Week to spur myself to post some of the kids' clothes I have made recently. This first one is one of my favourites. 

I had originally planned on making a dress with these fabrics, but somehow, I was just feeling jumpsuit when I picked them up. If you have looked at kids' sewing on the web this summer, you have probably seen this awesome pattern: the Ash Jumpsuit from Willow & Co pattern collective, designed by Celina of the blog Petit à Petit and Family. It's a fabulous pattern - it can make these pieces as separates too.

Blue toile and pink flourescent jumpsuit sewn by Cicely Ingleside

The pink fabrics are by Michael Miller, from last year: called Neon Dot and Neon Solids (in pink, obviously). The bottom is a gorgeous toile print which I found in the remnants in my local Fabricville store.

Blue toile and pink flourescent jumpsuit sewn by Cicely Ingleside
Jumping in a jumpsuit
Next, I had really wanted to try a smocked sundress, so I used this tutorial for a "honeycomb" smocked sundress by An of Straight Grain

Mint and gold smocked sundress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

The dress was all one piece (except for the straps), but I did struggle a bit with getting the size of the smocked honeycomb bits right. You can see them a bit better here:

Mint and gold smocked sundress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

The fabric is a beautiful mint with god dots by Michael Miller, from the "Glitz" fabric line. I had bought it a few months ago from, and since then I have seen it all over the web. (No wonder, it is beautiful.)

I had bought this gold zipper without a project in mind, because I can't pass up gold and sparkly, and fortunately, it matched just right.

Mint and gold smocked sundress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

I have the worst pictures of this last dress, but it is one of my favourite outfits. (Hmm... I said that about the last one, didn't I? Truthfully, I've also had some failed projects this summer, but I am not rushing to post them. Though sometimes I think it would be hilarious to post all the terrible and failed projects together.)

Metallic Sweetheart Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

I came across a selection of these African print fabrics with metallic sheen on one side when I was on a trip to Toronto a few months ago, and had visited King Textiles. I sooo regret not buying more... I was trying to be responsible since I already had a bag full of fabric to take home. I bought this fabric for my daughter, who loves purple and who also loves sparkly and shiny (the apple does not fall far from the tree), and a blue version for myself. There were other patterns and colourways, though, and it was only about $6/yard.  It even washes well in the machine. Sigh.... next time I'll buy more.

I used a pattern called the Sweetheart dress by Very Shannon, which has a very cute heart cut-out in back.

Metallic Sweetheart Dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

I took these photos a month or so ago, when we were still having cool days, but she wore this just yesterday without a long-sleeve shirt underneath.

I love summer... even when it is short here in Canada, it kind of seems endless when we are in the middle of it.

Monday, 21 July 2014

KCW: A Purple silk Charlie dress and an Elk Tee shirt

Purple silk Charlie dress and Elk Tee sewn by Cicely Ingleside

This week is Kids' Clothes Week;  a four-times-a-year challenge to sew kids' clothes for one hour a day. I'm on vacation now, and nowhere near a sewing machine, but I decided to instead give myself a challenge to post about the kids' clothes I have sewn. I do manage to fit in some sewing most weeks (usually at night after the kids have gone to bed), but I find it a lot more time consuming to photograph, edit photos, and write about the stuff I have made. 

So, that's my personal challenge. I'm starting with the most recent things I made the kids. Just last week, I had to pick up something at the sewing store, and my daughter came with me. She was strangely cooperative (usually she runs around and plays hide and seek, etc.), and she came across this gorgeous purple silk fabric (at the Newfoundland store FiberLilly), and started telling me she wanted me to make her a birthday dress out of it. I tried to steer her away, because silk is totally not practical for kids (obviously!). But she's been so fussy lately about clothes and I never know what she'll like, so I was just so excited that she was telling me she wanted me to make her something, I decided to go with it.

Purple silk Charlie dress and Elk Tee sewn by Cicely Ingleside

She's got a sort of 20's vibe going here, no?  We were at a barbecue to celebrate a wedding rehearsal, and someone gave her these beads left over from the bachelorette party.

I'd forgotten how fussy silky fabrics are to work with, but it still turned out well (thank goodness!). I used the Charlie dress pattern by Mingo & Grace. It was perfect for this - beautiful style, simple and classic.  I had received the pattern as part of my monthly subscription as a "pattern member" on the Sewing Rabbit blog. In case you haven't heard of this, you pay $10 a month, and receive 3 pdf patterns. You don't pick the patterns - everyone gets the same set of 3. Kind of like a cheese-of-the-month club, but with patterns instead of cheese.  I had joined a few months ago to get a specific pattern, and now I am really enjoying the surprise of it all. 

Here's the back of the dress. I used a simple sparkly button as the closure.

Purple silk Charlie dress sewn by Cicely Ingleside

As expected, the dress got full of food stains on the first day of wearing it. But I put a scrap of the material through a cold wash cycle, and shockingly, it came out totally fine, so I think I'll be able to wash it. Score!

The top my son is wearing is also made from a pattern I got with my Sewing Rabbit pattern membership: the Helter Skelter Tee by Shwin and Shwin.  The pattern is actually for a tee that has colour-blocking on the diagonal across the body.  But I opted out of that by cutting off the sewing allowance on both sides of the diagonal on the pattern pieces, and then taping them together. Voil√†, a regular tee pattern, with a nice slim fit. I decided to do a "bound" neckline and sleeves, following the instructions in my Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. 

Elk Tee sewn by Cicely Ingleside

I can't say enough nice stuff about this fabric - the Birch Fabrics organic cotton knit called Elk Family. Beautiful quality fabric. So soft.

The picture is in front of his new wall decal from Blik called Imaginary Forest. I love it... If you've seen other posts of mine, you may have noticed I have a thing for wallpaper and wall decals. We have been slowly updating his room, getting rid of the baby stuff and moving to more big boy stuff. This is replacing an old set of alphabet stickers.

Happy Kids' Clothes Week!
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